Verduzzo Crei

Verduzzo "Crei"

IGP Venezia Giulia
Vitigno autoctono friulano

A wine born from the noblest selections of the botrytized grapes of Friulano and Sauvignon at 5/10% and Verduzzo Friulano at 90/95% that are only vinified together in the best vintages.

No. of bottles produced: 1,000 bottles of 0,375 l (It is produced only in optimal years for the noble mold of the grapes).
Location: 180-350 mt. s.l.m., marly-arenaceous hilly terrain.
Yield per tree: Verduzzo Friulano 1 kg./ceppo, Friulano and Sauvignon 1,5 / 1 kg./ strain.
Collection mode: manual in boxes.
Vinification: with grape scalar harvesting from grapes on drying on the plant, only the botrytised berries are harvested in the period between the first and twentieth day of December. After a soft pressing of the grapes and a subsequent separation of the deposit, the must begins fermentation at a controlled temperature with selected yeasts.
Aging: 14 months in oak barrels.The wine, with frequent decanting, is brought to limpidity and then put, without any filtration or clarification, in the bottle, where it continues the refinement for another 6 months before the sale.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Color: amber yellow.
Bouquet: intense fruity, with hints of peach, apricot, rennet apple, slightly tannic.
Taste: sweet, but not cloying, of excellent structure.
Pairings: its ideal pairing is with "paté of foie gras", cheese flans, cheese mousse, blue cheeses, hard cheeses not seasoned and dry pastries.
Longevity: 15 years.
Serving temperature: 12-13 °C.